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James asked me to marry him last night!

Honestly it was such a huge surprise -- I mean, we've talked about getting married before, of course, but I didn't know that he had gotten a ring and all that jazz. I have no idea how he managed to keep it from me, but I was so shocked, and it was the best kind of shock ever!

The ring he picked for me is gorgeous, too; in his words, 'he dun good'. xD

Now I get to go on a frenzy of saving pictures and ideas and things, even though we have no date or anything like that planned out xD
So imthelobster and I went to visit hope_guides_me over the weekend, which was so much fun. We just hung around and played games and chilled. Someone else actually wanted to play Monopoly! That never happens. Mostly, though, it was just awesome to finally meet Crystal. ♥ Her kids, by the way? The most freaking polite, well-behaved, and sweet boys ever. I still don't want kids, but if I did, I would want kids like hers!

Now it's back to the real world... James and I are planning on trying to sell our place in the very, very near future, so the plan is to do as much work as possible in the next week or two in order to be able to actually list it and show it and such. I'm really hopeful that we'll be able to sell quickly, but we'll see how it goes. It would be so nice to be out of this place, though... I'm sick of owning.

Today, though, the plan is to get myself ready for an interview tomorrow... I've lost two, almost three, pant sizes since the last time I bought something appropriate for interviewing in. This is both good and bad: I'm thrilled with my weight loss, but damn if I don't hate clothes shopping! But fluffymaru is gonna come with me to the mall (I have a gift card to Sears, so may was well use it for this) so we should be able to have a good time despite the clothes shopping bit :)

So as of today, I am once again unemployed. I knew this was coming...they told me two weeks ago. I have spent the last two weeks alternating between pissed off, panic, and glee at being free...right now I really just feel relieved.

I hope this is going to end up leading to something better for me.

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For Science!

Is Lisa the Worst Best Friend or the Best Best Friend?

Worst Best Friend
Best Best Friend


So momebie is kind of evil, and keeps posting Jefferson/August things, which is so easy to love, because I love Jefferson a lot. Because, you know, I have a thing for angsty boys, I can't help it! And also because I really love this show, but until this ship I wasn't sure I could fandom it hardcore... I love Rumple, and I like Rumble/Belle, but it's not something I would fandom. I love Regina, but all the people shipping her with Emma are a little bit crazy, okay? And I like Snow and James, but oh my GOD does David piss me off, and also I like them in the context of the show, but probably not so much as something I would fandom, so WHATEVER.

So I was thinking about Jefferson/August tonight at work (like you do, when you hate work and are giving in to the inevitable) and I was thinking about how it's hot and all when they're together, and I like the ship and all, but man, I also really like the idea of Jefferson just kind of adding August in as more angst to his life as one more thing he can't have or whatever, because you know HE NEEDS MORE OF THAT, and also because I also really like the August/Bae stuff that momebie has written, and then I had to stop thinking about it because I am not writing and arghhhh.

(also why the fuck can I not find any good Jefferson icons, I will have to do some more hardcore searching later.)

This of course led me to thinking about Remus and Sirius, because that ALWAYS HAPPENS, because they will never stop being my home in fandom, and how I was drafting a fic for them in my head the other night, and considering actually writing it for once, and somehow this led me to thinking about next gen and I don't know how the fuck THAT happened, and then I had this crazy idea for a next gen fic, but I DO NOT WRITE NEXT GEN, and I know nothing about the typical next gen anything because I have never read or dabbled or whatever in next gen at all, and yet I still kind of want to write this stupid thing, and WHAT IS MY LIFE, YOU GUYS.

But more on the Remus/Sirius fic, because that is the most likely to happen: I kind of want to make it a 5 Times fic, because I like 5 Times/Things fics in general, and also because I think it would work well as one, except that I would have to figure out a fifth 'time' because I only have 4 right now, but ALSO I feel like it would be lazy to write it in that format in this particular case, and I should probably try to actually frame a story together, but I do like being lazy in general, and I just don't knoooooow.

Also, if you can't tell, I am very ramble-y and not completely coherent just at the moment, so I should probably wait to write ANYTHING until I can string sentences together properly again, but you know, whatever. These things are eating my brain and this has not happened in a while, and I KIND OF LIKE IT.

May. 17th, 2012

Just a few, quick things:

1) Being sick sucks. Being sick and having and having to go to work where I have to run around and sweat the whole time sucks even more, as it turns out.

2) Epass also sucks, as they are trying very hard to completely screw me over financially, and it took me an hour on the phone today to only barely keep that from happening. Ughhhhh. So glad I found a non-toll road route to work that only takes an extra 5 minutes, because seriously, so fucking sick of tolls. And money. Or, well, not having money.

3) No matter how hard I try to catch up on tv, I still always seem to be way behind.

4) Diablo 3 is freaking AWESOME!!!! I am completely in love with this game as of right now. You know, because I needed another game to lose my soul to >.>

Apr. 24th, 2012

So, my dad was awesome enough to add me back to his various insurances at the start of this year. I've been trying to take advantage of that fact, which led me to the dentist. You guys, I have not seen a dentist in eight years -- do not let this happen to you! I feel like I have been living at the dentist the last couple weeks.

I just got home from my third appointment (two more to go!) and the right side of my mouth is extremely numb. It turns out that I require a lot of their numbing shit to work for me; like, they started with numbing my cheek so that they could inject the whatever into it, then they had to inject the other side too because apparently I have an extra nerve (wtf), and then they had to inject them again because it didn't numb it enough to start, and then halfway through they had to stop and put a numbing solution on my tooth directly because it didn't take enough. Seriously, so much shit!

The outcome though, is that the entire right side of my face cannot feel a thing. Like, I got home and immediately got water and I cannot even feel the cold of the water if I swish it around in my mouth. So weird!

Also my cheek and chin feel like they're about the size of a basketball. ALSO this all resulted in half of my tongue being numb and feeling swollen as well. Fun times! (I am not actually swollen -- it looks perfectly normal when I look in the mirror. Just feels soooo strange.)

I have to say though, I'm actually pretty lucky in my dentist. I've been seeing the same people since I was a little kid, it's mostly all the same people in the office, they are super nice, and they have freaky good memories, because they remember things about me and my childhood that have nothing to do with my dental history and it freaks me out. More importantly than that, though, they are competent and not scary and never make anything hurt, which is pleasant.

And I will never go eight years without seeing them again, because holy shit, five appointments to fix this shit. I mean, I know I just got finished saying I like these people, but I don't like them that much.


So, I made that blog that I was talking about making in my last post. After some discussion with imthelobster, I didn't actually buy a domain, but am just hosting it on Wordpress for the moment. If I actually keep up with it, I'll get the domain later (I did settle on a name I would want for it, anyway) and just figure out how to integrate Wordpress into it, which should be loads of fun! Anyway, it's here if you're interested.

idk, but to be honest even if no one reads it ever, I think it's good for me. It's a small step, but it's a step towards feeling creative again. I haven't felt that way in a long time, and I miss it.

Which, on that note, I actually wrote something the other morning. Fictional something, I mean. It's short, incomplete, probably wildly stupid, and full of ashley-and-lisa-have-brains-on-crack, BUT none of that is the point. The point is that I wrote something, and it felt good. I might even continue to work on it, even if barbed_whispers is the only one who would find it interesting hahaha.

I've been taking a step back from playing WoW for the last week, two weeks, or so. I'm not quitting the game entirely by any means, but just separating myself from it a little bit. I'll be honest, it mostly started because of imthelobster, but it has been really good for me, I think. I've been feeling a lot better about life in general for the last couple weeks. To be clear, I don't think that WoW was causing my depression, but I do believe now that it was enabling it to some extent. I've changed a few other things, too, so it's not the only fix, but it's been one of them, and yeah, it's been good. I feel a bit more a part of the world than I have in a while, which is strange, but nice.

Work has been better, too. I can't decide if it's better because I've been more relaxed and happy, or if I'm more relaxed and happy partly because it's better. I guess it doesn't really matter which one, because the point is, both things are true! I still hate the hours, a lot, but at least I'm not hating the job itself nearly as much, which is a huge step up, so I'll take it.

On a final note: one other change that has been happening is the way that I eat (again, mostly facilitated by imthelobster). It's not a diet, really, just a watching portions / type of food you eat, kind of a thing. I'm still eating the things I like, just being a bit smarter about it. I still have a long way to go in that regard, since I tend to have very little willpower when it comes to food (or most anything, if I'm being honest), BUT small steps. And I have lost about 5 pounds or so, so yay for that!

Lies of Locke Lamora Read Along: Part 3

Part 3, which means... I have to read the rest of the book.......

Okay not focusing on that! Focusing on this weeks questions, here.Collapse )

Lies of Locke Lamora: Read Along Part 2

A day late and a dollar short, but whatever, at least I'm posting this now! And I never did post for the first week, but that's okay; as barbed_whispers has pointed out to me, and for once she's totally right, these questions are kind of hard if you've read the books and are trying not to be spoilery.

But anyway:

Week two, with only very, very vague spoiler references.Collapse )

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