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I need to register for next semester at school, and I'm waffling on what classes to take next. (Really, I needed to register at least a week ago, but whatever.) I need another science credit, and I'm trying to decide between these three possibilities:

Introduction to study of atmospheric phenomena. Includes study of atmospheric structure, heat budget, winds, air pollution, and local and regional weather forecasting.

General, non-laboratory course designed to introduce students to various biological aspects of human sexuality, including sexual genetics and sex determination, sexual anatomy, physiology and development, processes of fertilization, pregnancy, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, menstruation, menopause, and aging. Other appropriate areas may be discussed when time permits. Students should be able to complete college level reading, writing, and mathematics assignments as part of this course.

Prerequisites: High school algebra. An introduction to classical physics, including a study of motion, fundamental forces, energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism, optics, and elements of atomic and nuclear physics. This course fulfills the general education science core course requirements.

Meteorology seems like a semi-decent transition from the Astronomy course I took this semester. Biology of Human Sexuality sounds super intriguing, but also like it could piss me off a lot depending on the professor. Conceptual Physics seems like it could be interesting, too, since I've never taken a physics course, not even in high school.

Poll #1990331 Help me choose!

Which course should I take?

Intro to Meteorology
Biology of Human Sexuality
Conceptual Physics

I haven't looked up class times and such, which will make a difference too, but we'll see.

I have a lot of other classes I still need to take, but I'm limiting myself to two in a semester, and I don't really want to break up my math much, so my second course is likely going to be Calculus for Business & Social Science next semester. SO THAT SHOULD BE FUN.

I still have to take US Gov't, too, and a speech course, so I'm putting those two off as long as possible, because I am dreading them both :/
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My therapist suggested I might try journaling again, as a way to just... get stuff out. She meant a private journal, which I will do, but I was thinking about it and figured I might try to use LJ again sometimes, too.

It's weird to type 'my therapist'. I had my second session with her last night, and I like her, but I'm still trying to get a feel for talking with her, and how things are going to go. I've always believed in therapy, in theory, but I've never seriously done therapy myself, so it's... odd feeling.

Other than that, life just keeps trucking along. lonelyarcher has officially moved back to NY... I know people up there are very happy to have her back, but I am going to miss her terribly :P imthelobster and I are mostly moved now, just have a few more misc boxes to go through and either store, put away, or throw out. I really didn't think we had so much STUFF, but there's been just boxes of crap everywhere. I'm hoping once we have that mess taken care of, things will feel more normal again.

I've been doing pretty well in school since I started going back. I'm taking two classes this semester, and it doesn't seem like a lot, but when you add on working 45 hours a week I get pretty tired sometimes. But it's been good, and I've been keeping up with my homework and stuff pretty well. These are still the easy classes, since I never finished my AA before, but still. I failed easy classes last time around cause I just never went or didn't feel like doing the work, so it's still progress.
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Reasons to love Universal:

I got hip-bumped by Green Goblin after we decided that Thor doesn't have a last name because he's like Madonna.

Then, in Filch's Emporium, I schemed with some cast members about them not turning me back into Azkaban (I was wearing my Azkaban Prison shirt). I love when you can tell the employees are getting a real kick out of their job and just having fun with you.
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Life is a strange combination of crazy and monotonous. I mostly just work and go home and work again, with a little bit of sleep thrown in (though I've been sleeping like crap).

But things I have recently discovered I enjoy:

* Hockey! This is very strange for me, and yet there it is. THEY ARE ALL JUST TOO ADORABLE OKAY. And it's nice to just stream the games onto my computer and ignore the world while it's on, so. My work is partners with the Orlando Solar Bears team, and imthelobster and I are getting free tickets into a game this coming Tuesday, which should be fun. I'm expecting the seats to be crappy, but whatever, we're getting free food too :D

* Knitting! This is less surprising. What is surprising is that I have finished several things and am still working on it, though. On Superbowl Sunday there was a big sale at one of the local specialty yarn shops, and lonelyarcher and I went and spent way too much saved a lot of money! I got an interchangeable circular needle set that I AM IN LOVE WITH, along with way too much yarn. I'm on Ravelry, if anyone cares about that sort of thing.

* Doctor Who! Which doesn't even surprise me, let's be honest. I always knew I'd love it, if I could just get around to watching it. I'm near the beginning of Martha's run now, and we've been circulating between mainlining that, re-watching all of SG-1, and trying to keep up with currently running shows as well. We watch a lot of tv...

In any case, I always say I'm going to try and keep up with LJ again, and I never do... but I still read my friends list! It's just hard when hardly anyone else updates anymore, too. We shall see!
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I had a really lovely day yesterday.

And then for some reason I slept like crap (I think maybe I got two hours of sleep total, and definitely not in a row) and when I went to leave for work today I got all dizzy and woozy, and it's like, you know... I shouldn't drive like that.

So I called out, and now I'm sitting at home, listening to Konstantine by Something Corporate and feeling like I want to just curl into a ball and cry.

Murr. Life.
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About a year or so ago, my dad was getting ready to retire, worrying about money, and decided to get into couponing to help save himself some money at the grocery store. It took him a few months to really get into the swing of it, but ever since then he's been badgering me to start couponing as well. For a long time I kind of made fun of him, saying that he was going to end up as one of those people with a grocery store in his garage, that sort of thing. More than that, I was saying I didn't want to take the time to do it, that it wouldn't actually save me that much money, that shopping at WalMart, Winn Dixie, and Sam's Club and such was just as cheap as bothering with coupons for the other stores... I shopped the way I think a lot of people do. I would go to the store when we needed something, and pick it up, usually with quite a few impulse buys along the way... if something happened to be on sale, fantastic, but I didn't really pay attention to what would be on sale when.

I think everyone on my friends list knows I've been having job issues for quite some time. When I lost the overnight job around July or so, it was a blessing because that job was making me all kinds of depressed and miserable, and a curse because, well, income. Around the start of December, I finally let me dad talk me into learning what this whole couponing thing was about, since he was still insistent that it would save me more than shopping at lower-cost stores. Well, he was absolutely right. I just want to share my totals from Publix today:

Cost before sale prices: $143.09
Cost with Publix sales, before coupons: $115.61
Cost after coupons: $46.09

Sometimes I feel like I'm a huge dork for couponing, or I worry that I'm being a big pain in the ass to the cashiers, or things like that... and then I look at numbers like my shopping trip today and I realize: who cares. It doesn't completely fix our financial situation, but every little bit helps right now, and that's just a huge amount of money to be saving. It really comes down to paying attention to what's on sale, especially what's buy one get one free, matching coupons to the sales, and hopefully having both a store and a manufacturer coupon. Instead of just going to the store and picking up things I'm out of, I plan ahead my shopping trips and keep the pantry stocked... and I've learned that, teasing my dad aside, there's a huge difference between a grocery store in your garage (which is way too extreme for me) and just keeping a good amount of the things you use on hand, so that you don't run out and have to pay full price. For example, right now I have maybe 10 cans of tomato sauce in our pantry... considering how often James uses it when he's cooking, this is a far from ridiculous amount, but I also know it's enough to get us to the next time I can get it for free.

I am very lucky in that I have a lot of support from my dad, who has done things like getting me two subscriptions to the sunday paper so I have those coupons, and is generally just there and answering almost constant emails with questions from me... but I'm getting to where I have to ask less and less questions, and all the coupons and savings are just starting to make sense. It does take some time and effort, I spend at least 15-20 minutes every day checking blogs and websites and such (but that's just me on the internet, and I'm always on the internet, this time barely feels like anything), and usually 1-2 hours a few times a week to organize what I need for the shopping trip and such, and that time is a lot easier for me to find because I'm unemployed. Even when I do find a job again though, I'll keep doing it.

If you're at all interested IHeartPublix.com is a great site to help out with getting started and then keeping up with everything. (She also runs a site for Kroger: IHeartKroger.com for anyone who lives in areas with Krogers.) She posts the upcoming Publix sales every week, with links or information on any relevant coupons, and she posts super deals throughout the week as she finds them.

I don't know how many people will read all of this, but before I stop rambling I just want to say: this really has made a big difference in my grocery bills, and helped relieved a small bit of financial stress. It took me a long time to be convinced, but maybe it'll take someone else a little less time than it did me :P
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Happy 2013

I hope everyone had a great New Years Eve! And hopefully you aren't too hungover (::coughlonelyarchercough::) ;) We didn't do anything, just hung around home like the old married couple we act like.

I'm not a huge believer in thinking that the start of a new year can turn your life around and all that. You do that for yourself, not the passing of one year into another. However I have to say, I started out 2013 by waking up to some very good news, so if that is going to be an indication of how the year is going to go, I'm quite pleased with it. 2012 started out very badly and only got worse throughout the year, so having a good year in 2013 would be great for my sanity.

Though to be fair, I'm getting married this year, so no matter what else happens it will still be a good year! ♥

Anyway, new year things: I don't really like resolutions, but I do have a few goals for myself, mostly centered on improving myself, of course. But here's a short list:

1) I did really well through most of 2012 in the "get healthier" department. imthelobster and I have taught ourselves a lot about eating healthier and in better proportions and whatnot, without actually dieting, so that you don't just gain it all back later. I've lost something like 25 pounds, which is great-- but I need to lose about 30 more. With the holidays and stuff I stopped being good about using MyFitnessPal, and I stopped losing weight (though I didn't gain anything back, so that's good at least!) I have about 9 months to lose those 30 pounds in time for the wedding, which is more than reasonable; I really want to make this happen. So goal #1 is to start tracking my food and losing again, and start going on my walks again to help feel better and healthier, too.

2) Write. I joined getyourwordsout for the first time in years, at the lowest level of 150k words for the year. To be honest I don't believe I will reach 150k, though that would be nice. I don't have a specific word goal in mind for myself necessarily, I just want to be writing again, and I'm hoping the boost of being a part of this comm will help me do that. I have a couple things I started and never finished in 2012 that I'd really like to clean up and put to rest, and then I'd like to do some more original things again.

3) Crafting... just in general. Basically this one and writing tie in together. I am a pretty creative person, or I like to think so; but the last couple years have been somewhat rough and I've gone through a lot of depressive bouts, and I just kind of stopped using my creativity. Towards the end of 2012 I actually started doing crafty things again... scrapbooking and nail art and kitting, mostly, all of which I want to continue with, but I want to branch out into other things, too.

4) Be a better friend. I'm a pretty shitty one, and I know it, especially these last two years or so. I've lost a friendship or two because of it, which I regret a lot to be honest, and there's a few friendships I'm both surprised and grateful to still have. It's very circular -- I get depressed and hole myself up in my house and never do anything and don't talk to anyone much, and then I'm depressed because I never spend time with my friends and am home all the time. I really need to stop that pattern of behavior and start actually seeing my friends again; I miss you guys.

5) GET A DAMN JOB I CAN LIVE WITH. Pretty self-explanatory, really.

Honestly I think the last one is going to be the hardest, but I am out of excuses and reasons to be beating myself up and treating myself badly. The turning of a new year is just an arbitrary passing of time, I know this, but dammit I'll use it anyway, because I need to make myself a happier and better person from here on out.
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Stuff. And things!

It's almost Christmas! Feeling the Christmas spirit came a little bit late this year, but about a week ago I started to finally really feel the mood. I'm excited for the next few days with family, friends, good food, and presents :) I actually think I did really well this year on gifts, too; I love giving gifts, but a lot of times I don't feel particularly great at finding things for people. This year I just feel anxious for people to finally open them ;)

So in light of holiday spirit, on the 19th I went out to Celebration with barbed_whispers, momebie, and theemdash to see fake snow and lights and such. It was really nice, especially to actually get out of the house and see friends that I don't hang out with nearly often enough :)

Have a couple of pictures under Collapse )

Other than Christmas things, life has been pretty standard. A lot of job searching and playing wow and learning to get better at baking, thrown in with some tv watching (been obsessed with Leverage lately) and learning how to knit, thanks to lonelyarcher. I think my scarf is coming along quite well! Here, actually, have Collapse )

Coming up after Christmas: celebrate the birthdays of imthelobster and dragonmountborn, get my ass back to Universal before the new year, probably hide in my cave for new years eve, and start to get craftier in 2013. (I really do like being creative, and I don't use my creativity enough. I feel like I'm losing it a bit from lack of use, so definitely need to fix that.)
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Getting rid of DVDs!

So imthelobster and I are officially moving, and so we've started the process of packing and going through our things. Below the cut is a list of DVDs we're getting rid of, either because we have doubles or we just don't need them anymore. Hit me up if you want anything!

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