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Stole this from fluffymaru

Your Experience as a Member of Weiss (Weiss Kreuz; slashy)
Name or screen name
A type of cat
Favorite Weiss guy
You arrive at the shop to find Aya chasing Yohji around with a katana, yelling "I KNOW YOU CHEATED ON ME!!"
You go upstairs, where you find Omi, trying to hide Nagi under his bed so the other guys won't find him.
On your first mission Crawford, debating which future would be better: the one resulting from taking Aya as his sex slave, or buckling down and sleeping with Schuldich.
Chance of getting a peek at some yaoi action: - 82%
This quiz by TsukiTenshi - Taken 26 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology

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