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Your LJ life. by deew_sih
You marry:xwaitingtoexist
You hate:blkjwldgds
You love:sky_was_green
Hates you:cynmoon
Loves you:pancakekiller
Kills you:bruisexpristine
Brings you back to life:_hdcomic
Kills you again:hd_notes
Cries at your funeral:scarredxjaded
Laughs at your funeral:bookishwench
Kills themself over you:thecoddesslives
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You are a SLYTHERIN!

As a Slytherin and as an NTP, you are ambitious,
independent, and driven to achieve excellence.
You excel at strategizing and planning to
accomplish your goals, and set very high
standards for yourself and others. You are
confident, intellectual, and can be fiercely
competitive. You may not be concerned about
harmony or the importance of feelings, and you
often challenge authority and can be deeply
skeptical. You are sometimes seen as elitist,
and can be impatient with others who you
consider less competent than yourself.
However, you are also flexible, open-minded,
and ingenious, and you can be charming company.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat: Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing
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I don't have class until four today. It's a pain in my ass. Raar.

Classes yesterday went decently. So far, everything seems like it's going to be okay, but I guess I won't know what I *really* think about a class until it starts actually moving and stuff.

My mom made me cookies. :D I am so amused. Also, yum.

I am so BORED. Why is no one online?!

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