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I have been so. tired. all day, and it sucks.

I finally got the package that my mom sent me. They've had it there since August 30th, but never left a note in my box telling me. My mom checked up on the tracking number, which is the only reason I even knew it was *here*. At least they didn't give me any problems about just giving them my name and ID to get the package... still, annoying. My favorite pillow was in there! hmmph.
There's also supposed to be something from my dad, and from my grandma. If those things aren't in soon, I'll have to go up and ask about them, too. I guess. Which is just stupid, but whatever. I want my stuff.

My Fiction Writing class is going to kill me. How can I *not* write genre? That's *all* I write. Which, expanding, blah blah blah, whatever. But... dude! Raar. And I'm 95% sure that I *have* to take this class in order to get into the Fantasy Writing class. Which I want into. Like, a lot.

I have a stack of manga to read that scares me. Eleven that I currently own and have not read. I also need to finish Wicked, and I bought The Invisible Ring and Kushiel's Dart. Plus, you know, required stuff for school. And all the fanfiction that I read. And... I read to much. That's the only explanation. Heh.
[There's no such thing as reading too much. I lie.]

Incubus Dreams comes out on the... 28th, if I remember correctly. In any case, late September. I'm so torn between being excited for it, and dreading it. Blah.

I have all these crazy ideas for fanfiction. It's almost kind of scary. Like, HELLO, muses, I don't have TIME to write all of the stories you're giving me!
I have a Daemon/Lucivar one spinning around in there, a Hayate/Sasame, and a Remus/Sirius, too. And a Draco/Harry is starting to form but just barely and OMG GO AWAYYYY!
[I never thought I would say that. I just want LESS at one time, plxkthx.]

On the topic of writing, though... my nano novel is falling into place even better now. Thanks to fluffymaru I changed a major aspect of it, and all of a sudden my subplots are making more sense and just... working. ::loveburn for her::
[I can't wait to write this, why is it not November yet??]

Spirit didn't have my Lucivar wings. :(:(:( But there's another one opening, and also one in Tampa, and they said they might still get them in... I don't know. We'll see. Not like I don't have a lot to do anyway. Whatever. I want Lucivar. :(

I reread the end again today. That's all I'm sayin'. [Well, that, and the fact that Anne Bishop NEVER DESCRIBES CLOTHING WTF, MATE?!]

Not that I should have reread the end, since I have so much *other* stuff to read... oops...

Oh! And! I got my gift from simplykatie today! ... !!!!!!
I'm not supposed to say what it is. If you are not barbed_whispers, IM me and I'll tell you, if you care enough. heh.

[I shouldn't be mean to her. She's reading my fics right now. haha.]

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