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Had my Psychology test today. Am not sure how I did. Good, hopefully. I think so.

Trying to read the handout for Aesthetics tomorrow. Really, really bad copy job, and I can't read a lot of it. Irritating.

Roommate invited me to go with her and her friends out to a club tonight. Hahahaha! Yeah, right. Whatever.

Have to write something for Fiction Writing by Monday. Have no idea what to write, as I still seriously hate not being able to write genre. Also, I really want to write my novel. And I can't yet. And that's irritating.

Speaking of which, No Plot? No Problem! is out now. Waaaant. wantwantwant. simplykatie has her copy. I kind of hate her.
But they're selling autographed copies on the nano website later on, so unless I want two copies I'll wait. :(

funny comic. If you like Harry Potter, click it. XD

My rec list is seriously in need of some attention, because my favrorites list is getting out of control. But I'm too busy *reading* fanfiction all the time to bother with *reccing* it. Heh.
But. I do need to rec this -- Waking Your Ghost by circe_tigana. I finally got around to reading it... I love her writing. Six parts, not very long, though.

Been looking for some new icons, since I'm bored with some of mine. [I need icon help, seriously.] I took most of the icon comms off of my friends list, though, and now I remember why -- there is almost *nothing* posted lately that I have any interest in. I could make my own, but... lazy.
WHY do some of the prettiest Buffy icons have to be S/B or B/A? ewewew. RAAR.
You know, sometimes I miss Buffy more than I realize. Like right now. Because Firefly is fun, and Harry Potter is fun, and all the random fandoms I'm into right now are fun, but... but it was Buffy and there was something about it that nothing else will ever be. And I know the fandom is still alive, but... it's not the same. It just isn't. And usually I don't care. But right now, for some reason, I do. I miss what the Buffy fandom used to be for me, because it will never be that again. And it's like I've been trying to replace it with Harry Potter, which just isn't working. Because the HP fandom is insane and fun and wank-tastic all in it's own right, but it isn't my original.
But, hell. "insane and fun and wank-tastic." I'm not complaining too much. :)

The amount of TV that I watch is just sad. Because it's zero. And that's just... so weird. I'm not used to not having a show to turn on.
Oh, shit, wait! When does 24 start?! I didn't miss it, did I...?? fuckfuckfuckityfuck.
[hey, bruisexpristine: are we going to find a crappy show for this season, or are you too busy for that this year?]

I should probably get back to homework.

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