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There's a test on Wednesday in Aesthetics... I was semi-worried about it, until I went to the review today. Basically the questions are all essay questions, and it's going to be opinion-based... my thoughts on a particular theorist and whether or not I agree with him/her, etc. So, not hard. It's been a while since I bullshitted an essay, but I don't think I've forgotten how yet. lol. Especially since I feel rather comfortable with the different theorists and what each one believes or writes about or whatever, if only because we talk about all of them so damn much in that class...
The class isn't bad on the whole, I guess. Every once in a while, there's something interesting that comes up. I think it's just irritating because I don't really agree with any of the essays we've read so far, so there's been nothing for me to go "Yes! That's it, that's it exactly." You know? Oh well.
But I did most of the study guide... which is basically what the test is going to be, only shorter. So I think I'm okay.

I swear it's easier to just read the book and ignore the Professor in Grammar. Highly annoying. But I have a test in this class on Wednesday, too. I should be fine.
For the record, this is the best fucking formula ever:

T + [M] + [have + -en] + [be + -ing] + [be + -en] + MV

And it's the best mostly because it's helped clear up things I've been halfway confused about for a long time. Heh. So yay!

I'm really wishing I had dropped Fiction Writing like I originally wanted to. I'm just bad at writing short stories, and I'm bad at writing "what I know" which is the stupidest fucking thing ever, really. My ten page short story is not coming along well. But I have five pages of it written, and hope to have it finished and edited at least once by November, and then I can go through and make any final changes or whatever either during nano [ugh, that would suck] or at the beginning of December before I have to actually turn it in.

At least the Professor is really nice, I guess. Well, not nice because I can't write fantasy [heh], but still. Nice. The people in there, though... you know the type of people who think that they're writing is the BEST EVAH OMG!!! and that they're sooo much better than other people, and so much smarter too, because they're writers? Yeah. Those types of people. Not all of them, but a good majority, and it drives me insane. Get the fuck over yourself.

I find it amusing that of the three people I've met that are actually pretty decent, all three of them are also transferring out of here. I guess that tells you something.

I need to update my user info. But I'm lazy.

For those who care, my nano rantings will be at nanonovel2004 this year. Feel free to friend it, but I probably won't friend back... yeah.

I wanted to watch the third volume of Gravi this afternoon before Fiction Writing, but my roommate is sleeping so I can't. :(
Screw her for getting *her* classes canceled. Raar. Because they only canceled in one building, since it didn't have power, and not a single one of my classes are in that building. Unfair.

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