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Incubus Dreams

It just occurred to me that I don't have any Anita Blake icons. hmm.

Anyway, I finished Incubus Dreams last night, and I figured I might as well post what I thought about it.

For the non-spoilery: I liked it more than I expected to. But... still not a great book. It had moments, though. And I wouldn't suggest that any fan not read it. So, yeah.

Let's do this in sections.

What I Liked

-- The scenes with Bert. I just like the way those two act around each other.
-- Anita and Nathaniel finally having sex. No, seriously. I don't like this new "sex-with-everyone!Anita" but at the same time, if she's going to be having sex with all of these people, Nathaniel should be one of them.
-- Dolph is becoming normal again. He still has a little ways to go, but he's not freak-out boy anymore, either.
-- Zerbrowski. Do I have to say more?
-- Larry and Tammy are married now. aww. :)
-- I kind of like this new Requiem dude. He should show up some more.
-- I was actually enjoying Richard at points. It's a miracle!
-- The scene in the beginning.. after the big-ass fight with Damien, and everyone is in Anita's kitchen just talking/arguing/whatever.

What I Didn't Like

-- ANITA. FUCKED. A. FURRY. You know... that's just... a step too far. Everything else she's done, and then... Seriously, when this happened, I came damn close to putting the book down. I wanted to just stop reading and never pick it back up again. That seriously squicks me, and... just... ugh. Ugh.
-- The new Triumvirate. What a bunch of bullshit. [Anita/Damien/Nathaniel]
-- The fact that, not only is there a new triumvirate, but Anita took the fourth mark with them. And still refuses to do so with Jean-Claude. What.Ever.
-- No Asher in the entire book. What is up with that?! Sure, he got *mentioned* often enough, but... ugh.
-- Byron.
-- The murder mystery ended totally lame. Everything was *technically* solved, but the bad guy got away. No big blow-out fight at the end. Nothing. Just... got away. Killed a couple of his flunkies, but he's still out there. Hell, we never even got to *meet* this Vittorio, and he's supposedly some tough ass vampire. Then why didn't we get at least a *single* scene with him? Whatthefuckever.
-- The Browns. Um, why were they in the story again? The added absolutely nothing to the fucking plot, just gave her an excuse to fuck Nathaniel in her office. Which is just stupid and... stupid.
-- The zombie raising. Usually, this would be a good thing. But suddenly Anita has yet *another* super power and can raise a fucking zombie with no blood sacrifice or anything. In fact, she could have raised the whole damn cemetery if Richard hadn't helped her gain control. So not only can she raise this zombie with no fucking blood at all, but he comes out looking perfect. Abso-fucking-lutely perfect. Whatever, miss I-will-never-have-enough-powers!Anita. You're no fun anymore.
-- Ronnie said no to Louis' proposal. The bitch.
-- Detective Arnet was useless.
-- In fact, maybe that should be a thing all on its own. There were so many useless scenes in this novel. Scenes that didn't add to the plot at all and just left you wondering "Why? What was the point of all that?"

Things I'm in-Between On

-- The scene with Nathaniel and Anita on stage at Guilty Pleasures.
-- The murder mystery. Which is sad, because it's something I would have liked a lot, if it had ended well.
-- Anita, Richard, and Jean-Claude threesome. On the one hand, it had to happen at some point with those three, I guess. On the other.. Richard is now back in the picture, which is not something I wanted.

There's a lot more stuff I could categorize, but I'm tired of writing about it. heh.

In other news... I had two tests yesteray morning. Hopefully I did well... I'll find out on Monday, I guess.
And I guess that's it.

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