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Fannish post! Someone beep Buffy, dude.

I know at least some of you on my flist that I don't talk to often have read Black Jewels Trilogy, so... questions. Discuss as much as you want.

Some of these might not have canon references, so tell me what you think and tell me why, please? Also, if it DOES have a canon reference, pleasepleaseplease say so, even if you don't remember exactly where it was. And if you remember the book / scene / general area it was in, I might just worship you. Well. Depending on which question it is.

And yes, the theory questions I have thought about, and I have my ideas, but... well, I want to know what other people think. So yeah.


1. What, exactly, IS Twilight's Dawn? Less powerful that what Jaenelle had before, I'm sure... but HOW much less powerful? Since there's only a little bit of Black, is Daemon darker than her? Is Lucivar still lighter? On Anne Bishop's website she says that Jaenelle is still a Black Widow, Healer, etc... so how much power did she lose? What can she still do, and what is lost to her?

2. We know that you can descend a MAXIMUM of three levels at your Offering. But you don't always go down three, as in the case of Lucivar [Red to Ebon-gray, instead of Red to Black the way Daemon did.]
What if Ebony was only two steps down... or hell, only one? Is it possible there's something still darker that hasn't shown up before? Is it possible that a *greater* power will be coming at some point, far far FAR into the future? Someone greater than Jaenelle, when the Blood will need to be cleansed again? Or am I just off my rocker?


3. Since you can descend less than three, is it possible to receive a Gray or even an Ebon-gray at your Birthright?

4. Is it possible to not descend at all?

5. Did Lucivar and Daemon know each other when they made their Offerings?
If so, do you think Lucivar envied Daemon for descending to Black when he, who also wore the Red, only got to Ebon-gray? Would it have mattered to him at all?

6. Lucivar and Daemon knew each other before their Birthright Ceremony, didn't they? After that, after they didn't remember their childhood together, how soon did they meet again? *Did* they know each other in their childhood, even? Did they know they were brothers, before the Birthright? Did they know Andulvar and Mephis?

7. Where does Daemon keep his Red Jewel? [Besides his cufflinks, if anywhere.]

8. Where does Lucivar keep his Red Jewel?

9. Also, does anyone remember *when* we find out Lucivar wore the Red, and not the Sapphire [like you would assume by going up three]?

10. Were they able to make the Offering like normal, or [for Daemon at least, since Lucivar wasn't under Dorothea... but then, for him, too, and his bitch of a "Queen"] did he have to run from Dorothea in order to do it? Would she have let him make the Offering?

::loves on you all::

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