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So for an *actual* update...

Clay and I met up at Downtown Disney today, and it was boring. So we decided to go to MGM. Very random.
But we went, and we bugged Sam. [Haha, she was so cute when she was working, though.] And then Sam got off work, and the three of us left MGM and went to Epcot instead.
Much fun was had. :D Very good day. <3 my friends.

Bought some Christmas gifts for people, too. I probably shouldn't be doing that yet, but... less for me to worry about later. So whatever.

Flea market with Nicole tomorrow... and random whatever on Sunday with... lots of people. Heh. Sam and Clay for sure... I'm pretty sure Becky before work? ... and possibly Laura. One can hope. :D

I love my friends. A lot. ::points to icon:: ::mush:: ::/mushiness::

I feel bad, because my mom and I were going to hang out this weekend and do some stuff, but... well, it's not my fault that she has to go to Georgia tomorrow. Raar. Or that Jon is an asshole. Or anything.

No Aesthetics class all next week! WOOO.

I'm in such a good mood right now. :D And I'm somewhere between hyper as all hell, and so fucking exhausted. Heh. ::bounces around::

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY simplykatie!!! ♥ I love you, babe. :)

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