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There seems to be a lot of R/S... well, not wank, exactly, but debating going on in the last few days. It started with this rant by olivehornby and then continued with this post by froda_baggins and it really got me thinking about this ship.

So this post isn't really a response to either of the posts I linked to above, as much as it is a babble of my own perceptions of the ship, the Prank, fanfic, and of fandom in general, but it's thanks to those posts that I got thinking, so here we go.

The reason I love R/S boils down to this: it's just so damn believeable to me. Harry/Draco was my first ship in the Harry Potter fandom, but Remus/Sirius is my true love, and it's one of the only One True Pairing ships that I have in any fandom -- and I ride the edges of quite a few, although Harry Potter is by far my largest. I believe that they were made for each other and will, inevitably, end up together. But you know, that's just my interpretation of canon, and there are so many different ways to interpret it, and no one is wrong unless they say something like "Oh, Harry didn't defeat Voldemort in canon!" because... you know, he did.

And so I interpret canon to where R/S is actually happening. I can't even do that with H/D -- I see the possibility of H/D, but I don't think they're involved in a relationship in OotP and you know, I think that Remus and Sirius are. And if you don't, fine, but your opinion is no better than mine. I don't like Remus/Tonks, but there seems to be a growing following, and I can't tell them that they're wrong, because they're not -- they just have a different interpretation of canon.

And froda_baggins said this in her post, but I believe it deserves to be restated: that works with the Prank, too. Yes, we know that it happened, but we don't know the immediate reaction that Remus had, and we don't know why Sirius did what he did, or what his reaction was afterward, either. And yes, I have some thoughts on the subject, but you know, none of it is canon. So if one writer thinks that it paved the way for the seeds of mistrust and eventually led to Sirius believing that Remus was the traitor, then fine, that's their interpretation. And if another writer -- or even the same writer, in another fic -- thinks that the prank was no big deal and Remus forgave Sirius within a week or so and they got over it and other things led to the later Secret Keeper incident, then that's fine, too. And I'll read both, provided they're well written, because they're just different interpretations and neither of them are wrong. And until such a time as J.K. Rowling might give us more details about it, everyone is free to interpret it however they please.

And so I don't think that ignoring the Prank automatically leads to bad, OOC writing; it's all about interpretation, and if someone is writing a MWPP fic set in seventh year, they might not need to address it, because it doesn't matter to the fic. And if it isn't addressed in a fic, the fic can still be good fic, even if it is set in MWPP during Hogwarts, but after the Prank. And so this idea that ignoring the Prank equals bad!fic just boggles my mind. A writer isn't lazy just because they ignore it... and hell, a lazy writer could write all day about the Prank, but they aren't bringing anything new or interesting to the pairing just because they're writing about the Prank. It's been done, it's been written about, and there are lots of fics out there that deal with it, if you're willing to go out and look.

Which leads me into a side rant... everyone who knows me probably knows that I love angst. I'm an angst!whore and I don't mind admitting it... I actively seek out angst and generally avoid the fluff, although I read it sometimes. What I've noticed, though, is that people seem to equate fluff with bad writing, and I just don't get that. Fluff isn't what I generally enjoy, but that doesn't mean it isn't well-written... and I'd rather read a well-written fluff than a bad angst anyday. Angst isn't better than angst JUST because it's angst -- it's all about the writing.

So this didn't turn out at all like what I originally planned on writing, but it's my two cents on the whole R/S drama. And for once, Harry/Draco shippers are being less wanky! What's up with that?

Sidenote: Daemon/Lucivar essay is coming along. Will probably post tomorrow sometime.

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