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I love my country. I don't talk about it much, because... well, it's like talking about breathing, to me. I just assume that people know it.
I wasn't going to say anything today. I wasn't going to post about the elections, or about how I felt, or anything like that. But you know, right now, I really want to, and as far as I'm concerned, that's a good enough reason to do it.

I love America. I've lived here my whole life, born and raised in Central Florida, and I've always been so proud to say that I live in the USA. I can't imagine living in a foreign nation, and I've never even considered it. Visiting, sure, but living? No, because America is my country, and I don't want to leave it. I love it here.

It makes me angry to see everyone talking about how they're going to move to Canada because of this election. Even if you're joking, I cannot for the life of me understand what would prompt you to say it, because it never even occurred to me that leaving was an option. Leave America, because of who was elected? How ridiculous. There's another election in four years -- which may seem like a long time right now, but honestly, it's not that far off. I don't like that Bush is in office, either. I wouldn't have liked it if Kerry were in office. But leaving is not an option for me, because I want to be here to see this country when it gets better. I want to be here when it pulls through, when the nation is no longer so divided, when the people come together and make things work. And that may sound overly optimistic, but it's how I honestly feel about this country. I do honestly believe that we have a great nation here, one of the greatest in the world -- and it might be because that's what I was taught in school, and it might be because I've never lived anywhere else, but it's how I feel, and it's how I wish everyone who lives here felt. It's how you should feel about your country, I think.

Bush is in office for another four years. I don't like it, but I'm sticking with America -- not because I love my President, but because I love this place. It's my home.

Anyway. I should have been writing for nano when I wrote that, so I'll leave you to your regurlarly scheduled bitching, since it seems that's all anyone can do today.
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