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I found my pychology textbook in the drawer of my roommates desk.
. . .


Anyway. For Fiction we had to write a 26-sentence story, which I think is just about the stupidest asignment ever, but whatever. I turned it in, though, and she seemed to like it, so yay.

I never did get around to taking my nap today. :( I think I'll go to bed early tonight, and do what I can to catch up on nano tomorrow.
[I am so screwed.]
But I've decided that I'm not allowed to read anyone else's novel until I catch up on my word count. Which means I'll either catch up or go back on that, because yeah. Iph showed up in bruisexpristine's novel, and I can't deny myself Iph loving for very long, now can I? [Iph/Dray 4eva, yay!]

Driving at 4am = not happening again.
I really, really hope that I didn't fuck up my test this morning. I feel okay about it, but not great, which could mean a lot of things.

Okay. Finish reading psych, and then sleep. [or possibly tv. something away from the computer, in any case, which is a black hole and not to be trusted.]

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