Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

I am such a follower.

My journal is called poetry in the air because I thought I was being cool or something and haven't gotten around to thinking of something else.
My subtitle is live life so you don't regret because I don't do that, and I should. Also, read above.
My friends page is called other poetry because it matches my journal title.
My user name is getaway_machine because I like the song [by Melissa Etheridge] and it kind of fits.
My default userpic "I do believe in commas, I do, I do" because barbed_whispers made it for me, I like shoebox_project, and I'm a comma whore.

In other news, the Harry Potter fandom has been almost devoid of interesting fic the past couple of nights, so I've ventured into other fandoms.

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    Diz is my new otp! It's the new Buffy/Oz (HEARTS)

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