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So. I'm at my dads house.
... yeah.
Here's to not killing my stepmom before I leave, eh?

I'm supposed to see Ash tomorrow.
Uh, yeah. Hopefully I won't want to kill her, either. Maybe since we haven't seen each other in months she'll manage to not get on my nerves for one day... anything's possible, after all.
But I get to see Clay on Thursday! And that's a yay. :)

I've been seeing that wishlist meme all over my friends list, but... blah. I don't know. I thought about doing it, but I really don't want to. And I guess that's a good enough reason not to.

I need more good fic. Why has there been a shortage of good fic lately? I just don't get it.

... I'm really bored. For the record.

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY simplykatie!!! ♥ I love you, babe. :)

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