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What will your funeral be like?
LJ Username
Favourite colour
Favourite body organ
Eye colour
You will die aged 70
You will die by LJ friend turned Nurse decides to find blood donations by 'all means necessary'. You're found by a hillbilly the next day who makes your corpse famous as a vampire victim. Your family is delighted. They now have the money to pay for that extravagant funeral you wanted.
You will be killed by ___piiracy
You will be Buried
Your funeral song will be The Birdee Song. The dance will be mandatory.
Chance of getting into heaven? - 47%
This Quiz by Leona202 - Taken 3219 Times.
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Okay, that's pretty damn funny...
except they don't have "spleen" as an option for favorite body organ. What's up with that?!

I had a good time today. Yay. :)
But I didn't get to see Juan. Boo. :(
The plan is to go out and see him tomorrow.

I left my Christmas CDs at my moms. That makes me sad... I'll have to remember them before I go back to school.

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