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Keeping Moony in character has never been quite this hard.
Uh. Oops?

So, the general update for the day:

Online activities kicked ass and have been highly amusing, entertaining, and uplifting. [And, uh. Distracting. Very, very distracting. I did have homework. Oops.]

Real life activities have sucked and basically provided me with a shit-ass day.

All in all, I think the online life rules all. XD
Especially since I'm in a good mood right now, which is a great indicator... yeah.

And OMG! simplykatie! Where are you? Have you seen our thread??? It needs you! ::pout::

So. Sleepy.
But I really should do some of this homework first...
[I pretty much finished editing my ten page short story! Isn't that exciting?]

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