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I present to you my post, Lisa!List! style.

1. I finished my ten page final for fiction! yay! No more edits or anything. Complete. Done. And I even sort of like it! Which probably means that my professor won't, but whatever. It actually turned out to be just over ten pages, but I figure that's okay. It isn't too far over, so...yeah. It's still pretty short, I think, especially considering it's ten pages double spaced, but whatever, not complaining, because I'm done. Heh. But we're also supposed to turn in our "writing notebook." I hope I don't get a lot of points off for that or anything, because I pretty much only have my in-class notes and didn't really write in it outside of class, which I think she was expecting us to do. Uh.

2. I've started working on that BJT fic, finally. The first part is 1000 words, but it isn't finished. I haven't decided if I'm going to split it up into two or three small chapters, or just do it as one long piece. I think it would work either way. But I'm almost done with it. Just have one [or possibly two] more scenes to write. I am so proud of me. :)

3. I am so glad that I'm almost through with this school. Just over a week left. It feels so good to say that, I can't even express it properly. This is my last week of actual week is nothing but finals. The only one I'm really worried about is my Grammar final...but even that one I think I should be okay on. I probably could have managed all A's if I'd worked my ass off a lot more than I have, but I don't care, really. I should have a pretty damn decent GPA anyway, so whatever.

4. circe_tigana, anniesj, and casirafics are awesome people. Gryffindor No. 1. Total AU and very dark. It's comment-written and unfinished, but it's good. They co-write fic don't know. I don't think I could do co-written fanfiction, but they pull it off very well. I guess it helps that I like all three of them separately as well. :P

5. My roommate and I are "getting along" again. In other words, we moved past screaming at each other, moved past ignoring each other, and are now back into the realm of acting nice and pretending we give a shit about each other. Joy.

6. I want some schmoopy holiday fics. Yes, I know, I'm asking for something that isn't angst. Or smut. Weird. But still, want. And there's a lack of it, and what's up with that? So if anyone finds any good ones, please link me, 'kay? Would be very nice of you people. :)

7. I think I'm done.

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