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So, today was decent. Went to breakfast with my dad and half of the neighborhood for my grandmother's 80th birthday. That woman annoys the hell out of me, but whatever. Things went well, even if we were out for a really, really long time.
Everyone went to Tom and Marian's after that, which was boring and also, Marian and I semi-fought, so that was fun. Only in the not-fun kind of way.
Anyway I immediately left and came back to my moms house when we got back to the house, so yaaay I'm at my moms again. :)
I got most of my presents wrapped, which is a good thing.

Oh, simplykatie! Your stuff will hopefully be shipped out on Tuesday... I just need to go and buy some more CDs tomorrow and then I can burn everything and be done with it. I'll give it all to my mom tomorrow night to take to the post office with her. :)

I'm really missing barbed_whispers a pathetic amount. :( I hate it when she goes home for winter break and stuff... blaah. ::whinewhinewhine::

Dial up SUCKS. It sucks BAD. I was about to throw my fucking computer across the room earlier today, I got so annoyed. I finally came into my moms office and stole her cable thinger and hooked into her DSL. We really need to do something so that we can both be hooked into it at the same time, because trying to live with dial up again is seriously going to drive me insane. Ughhh.

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