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I really liked Phantom. And I pretty much expected to, so yay. :) I really thought that the girl playing Christine was awesome...

Also, Nicole and Casey rawk. [Spelled funky and everything.] Just for the record. ::hugs the moshi panda and the fabric and the card YAY::

Grades were posted today.
As follows:
Fiction Writing - A [really, really surprised that this isn't a B]
Adv. English Grammar - B [OMGYAY]
Aesthetics - B [howhowhow?! This should have been an A. Grr!]
General Psychology - B [NO fucking clue how I managed that over a C, but SO GLAD.]

So all in all, I'm pretty damn pleased with my grades. :)

Also went onto the UCF website to check my admission status tonight, and I got in. Woot! So I'm finally sure, anyway... I pretty much assumed I would, but it's nice to know anyway. I haven't gotten anything in the mail from them yet, though, so hopefully that will come early next week and everything can get squared away. I need to register for classes still and stuff... I am kind of pissed that it's so late for me to be doing that, but hey. Shit happens, and at least I have a school to go to.

I need to start working on making sure that I have a job, too. Really, really don't want to depend on my dad for all of my money anymore, because it's annoying me.

Speaking of... I'm supposed to be going over to my dads tonight. Guess I should actually do that. He'll want to know the news about my grades and UCF and everything anyway, and maybe it'll put him in a good mood. That'd be nice.

I most likely won't be making another post until after Christmas, so happy holidays everyone. :) I hope you all enjoy it.

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