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Merry Christmas everyone!

I wasn't going to post today, but oh well. :P

I'm in a very good mood, and I hope everyone is having an awesome day. :)

Also, I am such a spoiled mom got me so much stuff. I'd do a rundown of what I got but...that just seems wrong or something. Heh.
So, a brief list:
Yugioh cards. Lots and lots of Yugioh cards... weee! I'm excited to play my decks again..
Lots of gift certificates. Which means I want to go shopping now...
Collateral on DVD! YAY!
X Zero Artbook
Xbox with Soul Caliber 2 and Dead or Alive Ultimate.
An awesome black trench

And a few various other things that I like a lot. :) Including a couple of things that actually surprised me! I didn't know *all* of my gifts beforehand! Wow! lol

See? I really am a spoiled bitch. And I'm feeling vaguely guilty about how much money my mom spent on me [although the Xbox and stuff is from my dad...but still]. But I'm also excited about all the stuff, so... wee, stuff!

Anyway. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas [or whatever it is that you're celebrating]. I'm going to get offline now and go spend some more time with my mom. :)

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