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Hey, updating livejournal? What's up with that?
heh. Okay, so it hasn't been all that long, but it seems like a long time to me, since I'm usually all spammy.

When I came back and checked livejournal finally, I didn't really have a chance to reply to some posts that I normally would have, either because I didn't have the time or they were just slightly older, so I'm sorry, and I <3 you guys anyway.

I forgot to do this when I first read it, but notworthy wrote me an awesome fic for Christmas, and if she has you listed as a friend you really should check it out, because it was amazing, like usual. I'll get yours done soon, Jordy, I swear... it's almost finished, I just need to write the last scene or two, type it up, and have it beta'd [hopefully] and then I can post it... so I have been working on it, I swear. :)

Speaking of Jordy, she's totally given me the urge to play FFX again, but that just seems silly, considering my new Xbox and games for it... I started playing Prince of Persia tonight, and I'm liking it so far.

I also read about 30 pages or so from Gardens of the Moon by Steven Erikson tonight. It seems cool so far... no real opinion on it yet, though, since I haven't read enough of it. But, omg! Check me out, reading a novel. A new one for me, instead of rereading something I've read before... hasn't happened in a while. Go me!

I got my Christmas card from youmadeabear in the mail today... thank you so much, Alley! You really are the sweetest. <3.

I've now downloaded almost all of Saiyuki Reload, and I can't get ANY of it onto a CD. grrr! ::glares at it:: ::a lot:: So I'll see what I can do about that or something. I don't know.

Anyway. simplykatie is online now, finally, yay! So I'm off to talk to her and then play more games or something...

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