Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,

Guess I should update.
Don't really know what to say, though.

I had a good time the last few days, as usual, and tonight was pretty cool. Got the new duel disk. I am such a geek, but also happy. XD

School starts tomorrow; I have one class, but it's late in the afternoon. Like, really late -- later than I was thinking. 4:30-5:45; English Novel. Hopefully it'll be interesting... it's a MW class. I have Linguistics and Literature TTh from 3:00-4:20, and Western Civilizations 1 W from 6:00-8:50. OMG I CAN SLEEP, LIKE, A LOT!
Except that, y'know, that means that I will probably be working mornings. Actually, I hope I'll be working mornings, that would be kind of nice. I still need to add one more class, though, so that I'll be full time... I checked tonight, but none of the classes I was hoping for opened up in time slots that I could take. One of the classes actually did get a space open, but it was at the same time as one of my other classes, so blah.

I forgot to watch 24 tonight, and had a slight freak out moment when fluffymaru reminded me of it... but I went and checked and I have the best mother in the whole fucking world because she recorded it for me, even though I didn't remember to ask her to. I <3 my mommy!

I feel like I should have more to say, but I really don't.

[A side note: I need new icons.]

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