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Today was AWESOME. So much with the love.
Also, so much with the spending of the money,

So I went to Linguistics & Literature, which was kind of boring but not too bad overall, and I do like the Prof., so all was well. And then, not wanting to spend three free hours wandering around UCF, I called fluffymaru and ended up at her place... we decided to go to Waldenbooks and get dinner and stuff, and the plan was that I would still be back in time for class... ha. haha! Yeah, right.

Anyway, we went to Waldenbooks in Fashion Square, and they didn't really have anything interesting... I got From Far Away 2, because I did like the first one, but it still wasn't super exciting. Then we decided to into FYE, just to see what was there... and discovered that Requiem is out [!!!!!!!]. Which pretty much sealed the fate on me not going to class, since we *had* to go to Best Buy at that point... and once we were at Best Buy there was a brief second in which we thought there was only one copy of Requiem and I almost cried. haha. I'm so pathetic.

So then we were going back and forth on whether or not we wanted to go to the Waldenbooks on 436, and finally decided to go... just to discover....

THE JUVENILE ORION BOX!!!!! With Tomonori and Tsukasa keychains. And they ROCK, by the by. XDXDXDXDXD So much LOVE, omg! fluffymaru can tell you, man...I had a heartattack when I saw it sitting on the shelf of Waldenbooks. I was like... MINE!

Not only that, but they *also* had Yami 3 and Pretear 4. YAAAAAAY! This makes me a very happy Ashley.

So as much as I wanted to hang out at Nicole's and watch Requiem with her, at that point I needed to be going because I told Amanda I would stop by Winn Dixie today to put in my rehire application. So I left and went there.. we talked a little while I was filling it out, and everything should be fine. She was actually glad to hear that I have late afternoon classes, since most of her office people have early morning classes, so it all works out.

Also...Juan was there. *_*
Dude, I need help. Seriously. But he is *such* a cutie, and he's so nice, and... yeah, I really do need help. Damn.

Anywaaaaay, today was an awesome, awesome day. Juvie Orion Box = TOTALLY worth skipping class for. XDXD!

Now I just need my mom to go to bed so that I can bring all my stuff inside and start reading/watching. haha. :)

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