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First and most importantly!

My dad gave me a yes for going to Tokyo in August. XD
That makes me so ridiculously happy. So. Ridiculously. Happy.
So! fluffymaru! dragonmountborn! You're stuck with me in Japan! Nyah! :P
::spazzes out::

However, trying to explain to Pam exactly what Comiket is was... interesting. haha.

::bounces around::

Uh. Since it's been a few days since I updated, in other news:
1. I started my job on Saturday. Am being forced to go through cashier training again... not happy about that, but dealing with it, whatever.
2. ... I have some good stuff going on with me beyond the stuff already mentioned, but nothing I'm actually ready to put on lj, because a lot of things are still not 100% happening, and just not ready t be discussed until I've gotten some more stuff worked out.

... so that's it!

::has another spaz attack and runs off to read fic. Ha!::

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