Ashley (getaway_machine) wrote,


1. The first character you first fell in love with:

2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now:

3. The character everyone else loves that you don't:
Theodore Nott comes to mind, as does Blaise Zabini. I just don't have that fondness for characters we know next-to-nothing about.

4. The character you love that everyone else hates:
Molly Weasely, yo. Why does the fandom hate her so much? I don't understand.

5. The character you used to love but don't any longer:
Percy. My love for him was always based on fanfiction, really, but still. That all went away after OotP.

I get paid today. XD Going out soon to pick that up... hopefully the schedule will be done by the time I get there, too.

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