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So, I just went and looked at my past few entries, because I'm bored, and I do that sometimes. I really haven't updated with anything important lately, have I? My journal must be so boring for all of you to read. Sorry about that.

I haven't been doing much of anything worth noting, though. Mostly work and school, with some time for friends thrown in... that, and lots and lots of fic reading.

Being back at work... it feels like I never left the place, as corny as that sounds. Everyone who I remember from working there before is pretty much the same, there's just as much drama as there ever was [and, honestly, there's more drama than there should be, considering] and everyone there still talks about everyone else. It's a pain in the ass, but it's also more fun than you would think, and I'm glad to be back.

Everyone seems to expect me to just blow up at Teresa, though. They all know the real reason why I left the store before, even though that reason was never my "official" reason and I certainly didn't mention it when I turned in my two weeks notice. But they all know, and everyone keeps asking me about her. I'm telling all of them the same thing -- I did have problems with Teresa, but I wouldn't be back in the store if I wasn't over them and didn't think I could handle working with her. But I guess she's still having issues with me and went to Amanda about them, so Amanda took me aside to talk about it yesterday, which was annoying and pointless. She basically told me to be the better person, which is what I've been doind anyway, but I just agreed with her and told her the same thing I've been telling everybody. It helps to know, though, that Amanda doesn't exactly get along with Teresa and so she pretty much knows how I feel about the situation. Whatever, I don't care, because what I've been saying is true. I'm over Teresa and the stupid issues we had, and I don't expect us to be friends and I wouldn't want to be, anyway, but I just don't care anymore.


The other semi-interesting thing about being back at Winn Dixie is that I am once again seeing Juan on a regular basis. I feel so stupid talking about him sometimes, because it really is just a stupid, silly crush, but you know... I'm glad that I'm working with him again. I missed talking to him, because he really is so ridiculously easy to talk to, and we have a lot of fun when we're around each other. At least, I do, and he seems to. I know that nothing will ever come of my crush on him... I don't expect it and, honestly, I don't want it, but still. I'm glad I get to see him all the time again.

Last bit of work-related news: I'm on the desk this week, which is exciting because that means she'll probably put me into the office next week, which is the job I always really liked. I know it's slightly silly, but I really did always like working in the office and running the safe and everything. Maybe it's a control thing, I don't know.

In other news, Ash broke up with her boyfriend the other day. All I have to say is: finally. I hated Austin, and she knew it, but I never really said anything because, you know, it's her life. But I am so, so glad that she finally came to her senses and broke it off because she can do so much better than that asshole.
They've been broken up for something like three days and already we're talking more than we did before. I don't know if I should be happy about that, or pissed off, but I think I'm a little of both. Which makes no sense at all, but whatever.

...I don't really know how much I should say about my next subject, because nothing is set in stone, but oh well. My dad has offered to buy me a place, instead of getting me an apartment, when I move out. I'll have to pay some stuff, of couse, but he'd be paying a good chunk of my bills and things while I was in school. Which I know makes me a spoiled bitch, but you know, I really don't care, so nyah. So I talked to nakedchef4you about possibly being my roommate, and... well, maybe. Like I said, nothing is set in stone, but we've been talking and I'm getting sadly excited because we just...seem to agree on a lot of stuff, I don't know. And we're looking at possibly January, and I know it's a long time away, but I don't care, I'm already excited about it and I just really hope that everything works out. And stuff. :)

Megacon next weekend. Good freaking lord. Doing cosplay stuff tomorrow... really. Heh.

I can't think of anything else to say. And this is kind of long, but I refuse to cut, so all of you can just deal. :P

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