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Winn Dixie wants to transfer me out of my store. Well, they don't just want to, they're going to, because I agreed to it. I'm a little upset about why I agreed to it... they basically told me I could only have full time if I do the transfer. I wanted full time when I went back, and they told me that they couldn't. But I work full time hours anyway, or damn close to it. I had something like 36 hours last week, and I finished this week off at 38. Next week I have less, but only because I requested the weekend off.

In a small way, it's flattering. Mark asked for me because he likes me, he likes the job I do, and he has since I started working there [the first time.] He was happy to have me back. I'm happy to be back. But I don't know how I feel about working in an office that isn't run by Amanda. She already warned me about the office over there -- they've had cash problems. I can't trust anyone in the office. I can't trust the managers. They don't run things by policy, so I have to make sure not to let them influence me in how I do the paperwork. Etc, etc. And I don't know how much she might be exaggerating, but...still. I love working in the office at 2200. Everyone's easy to get along with, I trust all of them, we all do things right but we manage to have fun at the same time... I've known some of them for years. Even if I haven't been working there for almost a year, it's been almost like that time didn't happen. I'll be the first to admit that part of the reason I went back was because I knew the people there, and I love the people there.

I don't know. I mean, I took the transfer, and I'm going to try it. But it scares me a little bit.

On the upside, the store they're moving me to is closer to home.

I had a pretty long conversation with my mom today about school, and what needs to happen there. I think I've come up with a plan, but I still need to talk to my dad about it. Which makes me pretty nervous. I don't have any idea what he's going to think or say or do. I hope he takes it well, but... well. We'll see. I'll elaborate on that after I talk to him and decide for sure what's going on.

I finished Albert last night. :) I'm pretty pleased with myself. It's the first thing I've sewn completely by myself, so I'm damn proud, even if I do know that it doesn't look 100% great. So what, I don't care. I like how he turned out, anyway, and I can't wait to wear him around Megacon. I'm so excited. :) And hopefully I won't blind everyone! haha.

One last thing: much <3 to simplykatie. <33333. Thank you. So much.

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