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Really short con report from me:

We didn't spend much time at the con at all, but that was okay. Got our passes and walked around the dealers room... I got the Tokyo Babylon artbook for a decent price [YAY!], one of the old Yugioh tins, and From Far Away 3 for $5, so I was happy. :)

Yugioh day! haha. The costumes went over pretty well, I think... even if I apparantly should just give up on wearing Joey, but whatever. heh. Didthe Flaming Eternity pre-release thing... didn't really play anyone but the people I was with, but I got my cards. And I got a new card for my DM deck, yaaaay! Went out to eat at Red Lobster, which was fun, and then came back and just dueled a little...

My favorite day of the con, by far. I wore Albert... I like that costume a lot. The wig does need a little more work, but that's okay, because it looked decent enough to wear around. I wasn't really expecting anyone to recognize me, which is okay because I did the costume for myself anyway, but one person did... which was pretty cool. Except she yelled at me for episode 18. ;_; I was like, it wasn't my faaaault, waaah. haha. Anyway, it's probably a good thing that Casey didn't get the Count done, because she would have killed him... haha. And if Nicole had been in Franz she probably would have been glomped in a scary way. o.o That girl was kind of frightening. heh. But at least someone recognized me! heh.
But Casey and I were mostly playing stalker-groupies to the Vampire Chronicles group. Everyone looked awesome... made me jealous, haha.
So then... the concert. *_*
I wasn't even sure I wanted to go... well, I didn't not want to go, but I was pretty much either way about the whole thing... I am SO SO GLAD that we did. I LOOOOOVED it! Like, a ridiculous amount loved it. Sooooo awesomeeeee! I bought one of their CDs and a phone strap afterwards... Yura-sama is soveryhot. And... they just rocked. A lot. A LOT. It was my favorite part of the convention, by far. yaaay!

Okay... that's about it from me as far as the convention goes...


I had my first day of work at the new store today. It was...okay. It's closer to my house than my old store, which is nice, but I don't know. It's a nice enough store, and the people seem nice, too. I don't think I'll be unhappy working there by any means, but I am going to miss my old store, I think. But it's busier in there, but not too busy, which is nice. Because I don't have a shitload of downtime, but I'm not killing myself trying to get everything done, either. But I talked to Lance [the co-manager and current manager on duty since we don't have a store manager right now] about the time I need off for JACON and for Japan, and he told me that Amanda hadn't given him exact days or anything but she had talked to him about the time I would be needing off, so he knew beforehand and doesn't have a problem with it. Which is good. So yay!

Okay. And I think that's all for real.

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