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I'm so torn... I loooove my default icon SO MUCH [because omg, I do believe in commas, I do, I do] but... dude. DUDE. This icon is TEH AWESOMENESS and... yeah.
ETA: I'm not actually changing my default, though, for the record. Because commas own my SOUL, dude, seriously.

[I need to upload that Gankutsuou mood theme. I think I'll do that tonight. Never mind, just did it. Yay!]

I'm in a good mood right now, despite my shitty, shitty night. I got so sick. :( But I woke up feeling better, so that was good... got some work done today, too, kind of proud of myself. Although these fabric markers or pens or whatever the hell they are, are a pain in my ass. It's taking foreverrrr. But I think it looks pretty good, so I'm happy anyway.

Um. I guess I really don't have anything to say... I just hadn't updated in a few days, and felt like I should.

sooper sekrit message to barbed_whispers: I love you and you're awesome and you're going to do fine, so stop worrying, stupidhead. ::hugs::

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