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It's weird with my mom not being here all day anymore. Not bad, exactly, but different. And definitely weird.

Anyway. I love TV this season. 24, House, American Idol... yay! I really should get around to watching Lost, too, I guess, since my mom does have all the episodes recorded and saved... but I have a lot of stuff I need to watch, so who knows when I'll actually get around to it.

I'm so bored right now. The internet is just... dead. Seriously dead. You all fail.

I got my Wolf's Rain box in the mail today. :D I am a very, very happy Ashley. Now I just, you know, need to get around to buying all the volumes that have come out already.. ::headdesk::

I know I complain about my new work a lot, and I know I should stop, but... my schedule this week pisses me off. I work Sunday from 4-12 [midnight, when the store closes]... and then I have to be back in at work at 8 on Monday. Which, you know, closing the office means I definitely won't be getting off at 12, because that's when the last cashier gets off, and I have to count/reconcile their till and then count down the safe before I can leave... so the earliest I'll be out of there is about 12:20, and that's assuming that the store isn't overly busy and I'm not behind... so the absolute earliest I'll be home is 12:30, and that's really not even very likely... and then I have to wake up at 7 to get to work on time the next morning. So they're basically saying, too bad to your eight hours of sleep, there's no possible way. I know I don't get eight hours every night, and I'm really bad about my sleeping schedule, but come on... that's just pissy. Especially since everyone knows how bad I am, and I'm going to get online for at least an hour before I go to bed because, seriously, it's an addiction. I don't mind early hour work shifts, but making me close the night before them just kind of sucks.

But oh well, I guess. At least it isn't a 6am shift. And at least I have a good number of hours this week. And they didn't fuck up the times when I'm available, either. So, yay.

I don't know. There are some things about working again that I really do enjoy, but some of it sucks, too. That's life, I guess.

In completely different news, I hate Pandora. Even after rereading a good majority of Pandora, part of Blood and Gold, and even part of Queen of the Damned, I cannot get a good idea in my head of what I think she should look like. I've been looking at dresses and patterns online and reading parts of the books over and over and over again, and... nothing. Just nothing. It's a big fucking blank. Part of me doesn't even want to bother trying. raar. [But I love the character, so I really do want to do her, just... argh!]

Blah. Still bored.

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