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I'm going to see Mark tomorrow [or possibly Wednesday. Soon, anyway]. Hopefully I can get some shit worked out.

Last night at work, those of us left in the store were standing around outside at about 11:30, waiting for it to be time to close, bored out of our minds because we had nothing to do... well we were all just talking nonsense, and then this girl starts telling the stock guy this story about driving around while she was high with beer in the car and blah blah blah. She's 17, high, drunk, and driving. It really, really upset me. Maybe more than it should have, but I don't know. I'm just... tired of stupid people, and the shit that they cause. Which really has nothing to do with her, but... anyway.

So I have family in town this week. We're going to the beach on Wednesday. ::rolls eyes:: I hate the beach. Oh well.

American Idol tonight. ::waves a Bo flag:: haha.

I started working on this new fic. I only have one scene, and it's crack-tastic and likely won't make any sense to anyone but me because, you know, my brain is just... weird. But if I can get another scene or two done, with something that actually feels like an ending [because it's way too open right now] maybe I'll actually post it. Even though it's fucked up. Heh.

I'm so sleepy.

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