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How many comments have you left today?
A secret must be told to you by:nano_pms
A compliment must be left by:kichara
However, a complaint about you should be left by:kitschxobject
Some song lyrics should be posted for you to guess, by:cugami
Also, a memory of you should be posted by:aliceinvelvet
Ten words that bring you to mind must be posted by:madharlequin
A haiku (5, 7, 5) should be written about you by:fluffymaru
An "anonymous" comment should be left by:sleepysaj
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    So I still need to post about Japan. I know this. I will get on that... eventually. For the moment, though? I feel the need to put something out…

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    HI EVERYONE! I am sitting in an internet cafe in Tokyo, Japan. How crazy is that?! Or kind of AWESOME. I wanted to post and let everyone know that…

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    Japaaaaaaaaaan. I already mostly said goodbye, but... goodbye! I love you guys! ::flails off::

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