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So. Tru Calling is back.
... it's such a bad show, really, but I can't help but watch it. What is wrong with me, yo?! Although it's a lot less fun this season, because I don't have bruisexpristine on the phone with me while the horribleness is going on. :( So sad!

Anyway. I'm really bored, and thinking of going out... Waldenbooks, hmm... I think some stuff is supposed to be out.

I've been having these really random, strange dreams lately. Like, in one, there was this Best Buy that no one knew about that I found, and they had all sorts of strange stuff... ::shakes head:: It was silly.

My cell phone is having serious issues. Less than a year old, and the battery is absolute shit. At least T*Mobile has, like, awesome customer service, I guess... they're sending me a new battery for free. And they were able to fix my voicemail without much of a problem. However, my phonebook is gooooone. Which is like, the pissiest thing EVER. There are a couple numbers I'm not sure I can get back... I mean, I can remember and/or find most of them without a problem, but some of them... it really sucks. Plus, having to re-program all of them... annoying as hell. Blah.

My family left this morning. Yay! Bye! haha. [I'm so mean. I can't help it.]

Also, I know she just got back today, so maybe she'll actually see this: WELCOME HOME, bruisexpristine! I missed you. Just a little though. I still mostly hate you. :)

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