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a. Post a list of 25 TV fandoms/shows you follow (current or dead)
b. Have your friends list guess your favourite CHARACTER from each show and/or ship-pairing
c. When guessed bold the line for character and italicise for pairing and write a sentence about why you like that character or pairing.
d. Post in your own livejournal.

Some of these are going to be pretty damn obvious, but oh well..

1. Harry Potter -- Guessed by notworthy. Remus is definitely my favorite character, even though a year ago that wouldn't have been true. And Remus/Sirius is my favorite pairing, because... well. There's so much angst and history and friendship and love between these characters that it's hard not to like them, honestly. There's so much territory that's unexplored in canon, so much potential for interesting, fun, heartwrenching fic... plus, they're just hot. :P
2. Yugioh -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Kaiba is totally my favorite character... because he's awesome. And Kaiba/Jou is my favorite pairing currently... although honestly, I think I'm going to get sick of it pretty soon. I can just feel that coming. ::shrugs::
3. Buffy -- Guessed by notworthy. Willow/Tara is my favorite pairing because they're just so damn sweet. They love and care about each other so much, and they can work through anything together... even Willow's stupidity [which can be slightly overwhelming at times, let's be honest people.] Plus, Tara loves Willow, and that's enough for me... if Tara wants her, then Tara deserves her, even if I don't know how Willow got so damn lucky.
4. 24 -- Guessed by barbed_whispers. Technically, she got it wrong... my favorite pairing currently is Kiefer/Soul Patch. [uh. Jack/Tony.] Howeverrr, that's only based on this current season as far as a favorite goes... I've always *liked* them, but Kiefer/Nina was my favorite until the beginning of this season. And since that's what she guessed... I'll give it to her anyway because no one else is likely to guess. heh. :)
5. His Dark Materials -- Guessed by barbed_whispers. Lyra/Roger 4eva! ::waves flag:: Because they're so cute and they never got a chance and that's so sad.
6. Lord of the Rings [movie-specific... although if you want to guess my favorite from the books instead, go right ahead... but it's different from the movie.] -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Boromir is my favorite character... in both the books and the movies, actually, but my favorite pairing is what's different between the two. Boromir is just... I think he's the most real of all of them, to me, and while realism isn't exactly what I'm looking for while watching or reading LotR, it still attracted me to him... plus, Sean Bean is fucking sexy as hell.
7. Angel
8. Kanata Kara -- Guessed by fluffymaru... Izark/Noriko, of course. Is there any other pairing to like in this manga?! No... or, not yet, at least. Besides, they're so cute and sweet... I love them. :)
9. Pretear -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Hayate/Sasame... because they are the Remus/Sirius of anime, yo! Or something like that.
10. Gankutsuou -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Albert probably is my favorite character right now. Although, honestly, sometimes I don't know who I like more in this anime... it's really hard to decide. But something about Albert is just loveable, and the fact that he's present in both of my favorite pairings... well, that helps some, too. haha.
11. Meine Liebe -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Lui/Orphe, and some Naoji on the side. What can I say about this, really? It's hot. Hoooot. And the sex is, like, THISCLOSE to being canon. ::shrugs::
12. Cafe Kichijoji -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Taro/Hifumi/Maki... because it's hot as HELL, yo. ...really. [um. Even if I do fail at writing it.]
13. Vampire Chronicles -- Guessed by notworthy. Yes, this was one of the more obvious ones... Louis/Lestat. They were my first love as far as slash goes, honestly. And a big reason for it is... well, because they love each other. They really do, and it's canon. They have just about as much of a relationship as any of the vampires are ever going to have. And they're good for each other... they balance each other out in a way, and I love that.
14. Black Jewels Trilogy -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Daemon/Lucivar. Because it's the sexiest incest that has ever existed, and because they belong together. They just do. Even if not in a romantic or sex sense... they belong near each other, they need each other, and they love each other... even they do hate each other a lot, too. But hey, I like that in my pairings. Heh. :)
15. Saiyuki -- character guessed by notworthy. Yes, Sanzo is my favorite character. I don't really know what to say about it... he just is. He's such an asshole, and I'm attracted to that in my fictional men. Haha. Plus, he really amuses me. ::shrugs::
16. X/Tokyo Babylon -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Seishirou/Subaru... duh. Do I really need to say anything else?
17. Alice 19th -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Kyou/Frey/Alice. I like Kyou/Alice, I like Frey/Alice, and I like Frey/Kyou... so a threesome just solves everything. Haha.
18. Firefly -- Guessed by fluffymaru. I love River. Well, I love the majority of the characters, but I really love River. She fascinates me.
19. Hot Gimmick -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Ryoki is my favorite character right now... I don't really know what else to say about that.
20. Peacemaker Kurogane -- Guessed by fluffymaru. I love Hijikata/Okita, because it's just the sex. [can you tell I'm getting bored with writing things about these? heh. sorry.]
21. Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles -- Character guessed by notworthy. Fai. Because... he's so damn pretty. Heh. And he's funny and smart, to boot. And slashable! What more could you ask for, really? :P
22. Good Omens -- Pairing guessed by notworthy. Crowley/Aziraphale, of course. What other characters are there, honestly? They're just... since the world started they've been on an uneasy truce with each other, and that's saying a lot all by itself... but with how long they've been interacting, you know they've started to like each other. They know each other better than anyone else, and they understand each other... they're a lot more alike than they think, even if they are complete opposites. If that makes any sense. Heh. They need each other. They're so cute. :)
23. Les Bijoux -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Pyrope is totally my favorite character, and I just wish he had more time. :(
24. Juvenile Orion -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Yeah... I love Tomonori, and I like Tomonori/Tsukasa, and really, it's all about the pretty.
25. DNAngel -- Guessed by fluffymaru. Satoshi is my favorite character right now... I haven't really seen enough of Krad to make a decision. ::shrugs::

Deciding which fandoms to use was actually harder than I thought it'd be... huh.

[You know, figuring out what to say about some of these is kinda hard.]

Three left to guess... ::looks to barbed_whispers:: I'm counting on you for at least two of those! :P
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