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I guess I should cut this so fluffymaru doesn't get home and kill me...

Considering the theme, I was pretty disappointed in tonights American Idol. Dude, I love musicals. I know there's better songs out there.

Anthony better go home. Seriously, the boy sucks. I can't believe he made it past last week.
And if Nadia gets into the bottom three again, then there is something seriously wrong. Just sayin'.
::still rooting for Bo:: I think he did okay tonight, even if he has done better in the past. ::shrugs::
But none of them were really excellent tonight, and that was pretty upsetting.

House is a rerun.

Gankutsuou isn't done downloading [still, omgwtf is up with that?!]

Everything just fails tonight.

::glares at download window:: Hurry uuuuup...

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