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So I guess I should do a con report.


Decided that the dealers room won at life, because I spent more money than I really planned to. But it was a good thing, because I'm really, really happy with 99.9% of my purchases. [Minus the one Psycho le Cemu shirt that doesn't fit very well, but that's okay.]

I loved the Photoshoot contest, I really did... and I may be a little bit biased [or, okay, a lot biased, but can you blame me? No, not really] but I think it was great. And I know that it's going to be even better next year, so I'm excited for it. :)

Murder Mystery was canceled... I was somewhat dissappointed about that, but mostly relieved, honestly. I'm glad that it was canceled as opposed to happening and bombing. ::shrugs:: But it made Friday a relaxed day, really... not a lot of specific things to do.

Opening Ceremonies... Travis was hot, but I felt bad for the guy. heh. [Am sorry that I missed seeing his panel and everything. Le sigh.]

The Animusical ROCKED so hard. I'm so very, very glad that I got to see it, I think it was awesome, and I think everyone did an amazing job. If you missed it, then you missed out on one of the best parts of the con, yo. So awesome.

The yaoi panel was also fun, if totally off topic the majority of the time. Heh.


Costume Contest was long [as expected, yes, I know] but I think it went well... even if people did refuse to leave and were lining themselves up and screwing with my number order. >.< Not as bad as it could have been, though, so whatever.

Missed the Red vs. Blue panel, though. ::sob::

But the best part of Saturday [and the con as a whole] was totally, totally the Yaoi PJ Party. Dude, it was fucking awesome! And I don't know what kind of special crack I was smoking, but I was insanely hyper through most of it. I didn't bother watching most of the stuff at the Bishounen Bash, because I'd either seen all the stuff played or didn't care about it, but it didn't matter because we were busy selling raffles and t-shirts through the majority of it anyway. People spent an insane amount of money there... which, yay! haha. But I did have to stand up on my chair and scream like a silly little fangirl when Fai showed up in Tsubasa because... well, because I was hyper and I felt like it, so there. :P
Didn't pay much attention to Kizuna or Haru, either, during the actual Yaoi PJ Party... but, dude. DUDE. Sensitive Pornograph was so very, very dirty and it ROCKED HARDCORE. I totally had Casey burn me a copy of it before I came home, because it was pretty. And smutty. And... sex, yay! [haha!]
I was pleased with my costume for the PJ Party, too... I'm glad I ended up wearing one, even though I wasn't planning to until just a little before the con. I felt extremely cute, and I was insanely comfortable the whole time. And ever since I figured out that my wig was not, in fact, as loose as it could be, it hasn't been giving me headaches. Which, yay, because it was really bad about that before.
Also enjoyed hanging out with Alley during it... got to spend at least a little time with her, which was cool.
And Cassie wearing the Fai coat with the Red vs. Blue t-shirt on underneath it was, like, sex. Totally, yo. :P


Cosplay went pretty well... the one person in the audience pissed me off, but what can you do. Whatever. I thought it went well, I thought the judging was good, lala candycakes. Or something.
I do wish I could have sat in on Nicole's panel for longer, but oh well. Shit happens.
Blah blah stuff...

Did a last run through the dealers room... got a lovely t-shirt from Nicole, that I love so very much and am still wearing. :D haha. Also got my Red vs. Blue DVDs signed by the one person I had missed on Friday, which made me happy but still doesn't make up for missing the panel. heh.

The volunteer party was more fun than I thought it would be, actually... the pizza was really good, and I got to watch a couple good music videos... which was cool, since I missed the AMV contest completely. I also won in the raffle, so I totally got the spinning ninja belt buckle, which is very cool, since I wouldn't have paid for it but I totally wanted one anyway. :)

After the volunteer party we headed over the Japanese restraunt where everyone else had been... most of them had left already, but we got to hang out with Rain and Vikky, which was a lot of fun. Kind of wish I had seen more of them during the con, but then, I didn't see a lot of anyone other than Nicole [and kind of Casey] during the con, so whatever works.

Other Stuff...

-Am still very annoyed that the majority of Hall Awards that I wanted to give out, someone else beat me to them. >.< I think I only actually ended up handing out three or something. But oh well, whatever works... and I will forever be amused by my "Drive-by Awarding" haha.
-The number of badges I have hanging from my lanyard is just silly.
-BREAKOUT! hahaha, I don't know why I'm so amused, but I ammmm.
-Despite a few lows, and working my ass off, I had a really great time overall. So, yay for JACON! :D

[But I'm still exhausted.]

So that's it in the world of JACON-related stuff. I have other things to talk about, but not right now... maybe tomorrow.

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