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God, I love thunderstorms. It's so pretty outside right now.

Of course, it put a halt on my plans for today, but that's okay. I'll just sit around and read instead, which sounds like much more fun, so really, I still win. :)

You know, I really dug myself into a hole with the way I designed the latest version of Boxing Clever. I want to change a few things and add a few things, but the amount of work it'd require is huge now, thanks to the damn layout. >.< Very annoying. But I'll have to do it sometime, so I guess better sooner than later... maybe I'll just take the whole thing down for a few days so it'll be easier to work with and no one will have to witness the ugliness while it's under construction. Not that anyone ever really visits it anyway, but that's part of the problem, isn't it? I need to make it more interesting or... something.
And I should probably update more often anyway, before barbed_whispers gets on my ass about wasting her space. :P heh.

I really, really love lazy, rainy days.

::skips off::

ETA: omg, this is really fucking hilarious.

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