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Just updated Boxing Clever.
Instead of doing a major layout change like I thought I was going to do, I just changed the top banner image. So it's still kind of the same, and I still kind of want to do a new style for my layout, but blah. I discovered that I am much to lazy. And I like my new image... it's from Death Note, because I am apparantly obsessed or something, but there you go. I cut the .psd of Raito and L out myself... ;_;. I hate cutting .psd's... it's a pain in the ass. And probably why I didn't feel like changing the style once I was done. Whatever.
If you don't see it, just refresh... the new file is the same name as the old one so it might not show up right away. ::shrugs::

I'm going to head over to my dads in a little while and pick up my birth certiicate so I can go out and get my passport soon... woo. I hate going over there, but it's necessary... and hopefully I won't be spending too much time there.

Went out to Best Buy today... got Farscape season 1 for $30. O.O ::does a dance of joy:: So I'll probably start watching that late tonight or tomorrow... so excited, yay!

I think I'm going to work on some icons or something until I need to leave... I'm in a very graphic-y mood.
... does anyone want any icons in particular? If you have an idea, leave it here... doesn't matter what fandom, as long as it's something I'm familiar with... if you have images, great, if not just tell me the general idea of what you want... text that you want is always a major plus, though, as I tend to suck of thinking of text for my icons. Yay!

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