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vanishingbee tagged me, and what can I say, I'm a follower.

1. Total number of tv series I own on DVD/video [even if they're not complete, just one boxset, one DVD count]:
Counting each season separate, or just shows separate?
Going by seasons: 12.
Going by shows: 5.
That's not counting any of the anime that I own, though...

2. Total number of tv series I have illegally downloaded from the net [shows, not episodes]:
Uh. American TV? None. I download a decent amount of anime, though... somewhere between 10 and 15, I guess?

3. The last show I bought:
Farscape, season 1.

4- The last show I downloaded:
Prince of Tennis

5. The last show I watched:
Just finished watching House tonight. Prince of Tennis if we're talking my downloaded stuff.

6. Seven shows that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
- Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
- Firefly
- 24
- House
- Prince of Tennis [omg, so freaking obsessed so suddenly]
- Gankutsuou
- Yuugioh

7- First show I remember fangirling when I was a kid:
Heh. Carebears, I guess.

okay, then. On to other, probably no more interesting, things...

American Idol was rather blah tonight. I still think Bo should win this thing, but Anthony was my personal favorite of the night... which is strange, and kind of scary, but still true. For the first time ever [I think] I'm actually wanting him to stay. I've been indifferent before, but I've never wanted him to continue. Tonight, I do. I still think he'll go home, though. Although I guess Vonzell is probably going to be sweating it out, too... which is sad, but eh. I would like to see Carrie go home tomorrow, actually, but I really don't see that happening.

House... I really, really don't like the House/Cameron storyline. At all. It's creepy, is what it is, and it's making me not like Cameron, which makes me sad, because I actually really like Cameron. But what she's doing smacks of sexual harrassment... which they actually did say in tonights show, didn't they? But they just brushed it off, like "oh, whatever" and I find that disturbing. I hope they just let the whole thing fade away and stop pursuing this, because it's going to really make me mad if it goes on. Or something.

On the other hand, Wilson is just awesome. And, actually, probably my favorite character, no matter how much I love House himself. Wilson rocks, end of story.

Anyway. Enough about TV.

Someone please smack some sense into me and convince me that I do not want to spend $35+ on a tennis racquet just because it's Eiji's brand and color. Please. Because I am so, so tempted, and I want it more than I should.

I'm bored and I want out of my house. If anyone wants to do something tomorrow, get in touch with me. I don't care what it is... I just don't want to sit at home again.

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