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Finally made a Tenipuri layout that I'm semi-happy with... it's still rather simple and maybe even slightly boring, but I like it. It's very... white... but, actually, I like that, too. I tried throwing some darker colors into the layout, and it looked like shit, so whatever. Unfortunately, my mood theme doesn't match... but I don't know where to find a Tenipuri mood theme, and I sure as hell am not making one. Noooo, thank you. But anyway, it's all pretty-fied and stuff, so look at it and tell me what you think, yeah?

Anyway... had fun at Rocky Horror the other night. I'm glad I went... got to hang out with Brian a little beforehand, which was awesome, since I haven't seen him in a while... good times.

And then today... I was feeling super, super lazy and I honestly didn't want to do anything. And then I was going to go over to Clay's, since it's just two minutes away and he has a habit of cooking me dinner when I do that [heh]. But he called me back after we made the plans, and he's all "do you want to go to a movie?" to which I was... eh. Because I really didn't want to go... but he told me that Will and some of his friends were going, and I really, really wanted to meet Will. They've been dating for a little while now, and I know Clay has a really good feeling about him and is feeling serious about it, so I was super curious to meet the guy... so I agreed to go, for that reason.
...and wow, I'm really glad I did. Clay was the only person there that I knew, but there was a group of eight of us, and we went to Friday's for food, and then to the movie, and then afterwards we hung out at the cafe on the second floor of Virgin... and, wow. I had... such a great time. They were all funny, the conversation was awesome, Will and I hit it off pretty well [which means that I definitely approve and am muchly happy for Clay] and I'm just glad that I agreed to go out, because I ended up having a seriously awesome night. I hope to hang out with all of them again, because it was a lot of fun.
Besides which, it was really nice to hang out with Clay again... we had some good conversation on the way home, and it made me realize how much I miss talking to him, and how much talking to him can help me ease my mind or figure things out.

So, all in all... I've had an awesome couple of days. :D

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