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I'm not going to do a review of Episode III, because everyone else is, pretty much, and I agree with a lot of what's being said, so there you go.
But to sum up how I feel about the movie: definitely my favorite of the prequels... still not as good as the original trilogy, but at least it was Star Wars again, for the most part. So, yay.
[I have no Star Wars icon. This seems wrong, but I don't feel like fixing it just to have an icon for this post.]

I was seriously going insane with the lack of Tenipuri earlier tonight. Very upset. Thank GOD the second musical finished downloading, so I had something to watch...
Liked that a lot, for the record. There were parts of it that I liked more than the first one, and there are parts of the first one that I liked more than this one, so I guess they're about even in my eyes.
In any case, the Tezuka/Tachibana sex was... very apparant. Oh, yes. As was the Fuji/Taka, Momo/Ryoma, and Oishi/Eiji.
...actually, I might like the second one more because of all the blatant sex. My fangirl heart is happy.

You'd think that after not posting in five days, I'd have more to say than that. But I guess my life just isn't interesting enough for that.

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