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I'm sharing this because I know not everyone on my friends list has blkjwldgds listed as a friend.
And because I want an excuse to look at it some more.
Beware: my yaoi fangirl is showing.

Yes. That is Hayden and Ewan. Yes. Yes, it is.
::brain explodes::

Er. I found this through blkjwldgds who followed a whole shitload of links, so I'm impressed, but it's from a video of the Star Wars premier in London, and there's a longer video here. [But, really, I only need the kiss, so who cares?]


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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY simplykatie!!! ♥ I love you, babe. :)

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    New band idea to be signed by Pete Wentz: Ron, Neal, and Simon!

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    BUMBLEBEES LAY EGGS. THEREFORE, DUMBLEDORE IS LIKE THUMBELINA! Just be glad I spared you the black and yellow font color. It was very tempting.

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