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Fandom meme, gacked from musesfool.

Current fandoms: Harry Potter, Yugioh, Tsubasa, Death Note, Tenipuri... I read the occassional fic and such for other things, but I don't think I'm really into anything else right now.

My first fandom ever: My first true online fandom was Buffy... but there were things I was fannish about long before that.

the first fandom I wrote fic in? Buffy.

My most recent fandoms: That I'm no longer into really? Good Omens, Black Jewels Trilogy...

That I still love and read fic in and talk about sometimes: Well, I still love a great deal of my old fandoms, I just got burnt out on them. Wouldn't this be my current fandoms, technically..?

Five fandoms that mean a lot to me:

Buffy... because it was my first true online fandom, and it's given me some of the greatest friends I have [I'm looking at you, Randy] and I was obsessed for years.

Harry Potter... because it took my soul and ran with it. It's one of the largest, wankiest fandoms out there, but it's amusing and there's always, always something new, and it's a great time.

Black Jewels Trilogy... because it consists of about five people, but I know and love those people and we will stand united against the scary Anne Bishop fans, dammit!

.....and honestly I'm at a lost, if you mean fandom-interaction wise. I mean, I could think of countless shows/books that mean a lot to me, but that does not create a fandom, and there's no other fandoms that mean a lot to me... or something. ::shrugs::

...I feel like I'm going to pass out. ::falls over::

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