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For the first time since I got rid of it, I want my domain back. I just... want it back. I want the space to make all kinds of different sites. I want to be able to make random fansites like I used to, and I might never update them beyond when they first go up, but it wouldn't matter because the space would be mine and I could play with it and do whatever the fuck I pleased. I know that I have Boxing Clever, and seriously, barbed_whispers is, like, the most laid back person ever and doesn't give a shit what I do with my site, but still. It isn't the same.
But, you know, of course I decide this when I definitely have no money to spend on buying a domain. Dammit.
Maybe I'll cook up a new, different sort of layout for Boxing Clever and throw up some new content or something to make myself feel better. I don't think anyone uses it for my icons anyway... I could probably get rid of most of them. Hmm.
Well, whatever. Random babbling and all that bullshit.

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