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Okay... not as upset now. Still upset because... yeah... but... not as bad. Thank you for commenting, guys...

But looking forward, not behind, yeah? So MetroCon [most likely] and then [more exciting] Dragon*Con. Woot.

But tomorrow... job interview. God, I'm ridiculously scared. Yet, at the same time, I have a good feeling about it... so I don't know, we'll see. I just hope something actually works out sometime soon.

You know... I was telling this to fluffymaru earlier, but I've really been censoring myself on lj lately. I mean, I post a decent amount, but the large majority of it is useless bullshit that doesn't really matter. And I'm sick of it. What's the point of me even having this lj if I can't post what I want to post? Not that anyone complained about my posts before... I've just been doing it to myself. Well, enough of that, I say. Who cares if people stop reading... at least I'll be talking about things I want to talk about, and all that jazz.

I redid my layout to make me feel better. It's... quite different from my last few. It's... soft. And the most depressing icon ever is my default icon. And a new style, too, which is both easier and harder to work with than component was, and yet manages to look almost the same. I like it, though. It probably won't last very long, because it's weird, but that's okay. This was actually the beginning of my new layout for Boxing Clever, and then I decided that it didn't work... but I liked the image way too much to let it go. So, yay. I hope you guys like it, too, but if you don't then too bad because it makes me happy. :P

Oh! Note to sky_was_green: I found your notebook today! It was buried under a pile of clothes in my room, haha. But, yay, now I have it again! I even wrote in it. You should be so damn proud of me, I tell you what.

...I think I'm done now.
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