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So, I finally decided to take advantage of LiveJournal's Scrapbook today. I like parts of it and I dislike other parts, but I guess that's normal. For the most part it works out okay.

Anyway, there's a ton of pictures of me over there, as well as doodles from Lisa and I and a gallery of past layouts from lj, so go take a look, if you're interested.

Unfortunately, some of the pictures of myself that I really wanted to upload, I couldn't, because I didn't want to put up pictures of other people without asking first, and they were in the photos with me.... ah, well. Well, there were a couple exceptions to that... like my prom photo, for instance... but still! The cam photos are worth a laugh, though... I was such a fucking dork, I swear. xD Very amused by myself, though, so I suppose that's a good thing. And I don't know why the thumbnails on some of them come up as broken links... but if you click on them, all of the actual pictures should work. [Although if they don't, by all means, let me know.]

Oh, oh! Do any of you remember when I used to send out the emails with ridiculous amounts of pictures of them, and they were usually very odd? I can't find ANY of those old photos, which depresses me beyond reason. So if anybody has any of those old emails, or if you saved them, or anything... I would really, really appreciate getting those from you. Email them to me at and I will love you FOREVER! [omg, PLEASE!!!]


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