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So. Weekend, yay.

Serenity was, of course, awesome. I don't think it was better or worse on a second viewing, but it was a different sort of experience. IN any case, the movie is still really awesome, and Joss is a god. yay!

After the movie [and the entire time we were in Tampa] we had a hellish time on the roads. Fucking Tampa with the stupid road system that makes no sense whatsoever.

I called barbed_whispers and sky_was_green after the movie and got to listen to them almost die over the phone! Which was great fun, but they somehow managed to make it home alive. What losers. And! Lisa managed to avoid Karen's curse! What a h0r.

Anyway. Busch Gardens on Saturday totally failed, but I wasn't really disappointed. It probably would have been fun, but eh. Whatever. We went to the wig store in Clearwater, which wasn't as awesome as I was expecting, but I did get a really nice Lucivar wig that made me very happy, so I wore it around for the rest of the day. haha. It makes me happy, though. [And if I can find that same wig in blonde for Howl, I'll be even happier.]

Hung around the con Friday night, but nothing seriously interesting happened...

Did the YuGiOh cosplay first thing Saturday morning. I had more fun in Jou than I thought I would, but I'm still over the costume, and I'm definitely not wearing him to another con. Like, even though I was having a decent time in the costume and all, I'm still over it, and I was anxious to be out of him.

So I was, of course, happy when we went and changed into our Angel Sanctuary costumes. I was a lot happier with my Mika costume than I thought I'd be, considering it was a thrown together costume of things I either already had or borrowed. I didn't have my wig, which was very depressing. :( But kichara is awesome and I borrowed a wig from her... I love that wig. Not so much for Mika, but just in general... I looked super cute in it [if I do say so myself :P] and it made me want to go out and cut my hair short again, haha. [Of course, I can't do that, because I need my hair for Julianna, but whatever.]

It was stupidly gross, though, wearing all that leather... seriously. I felt so disgustingly icky. Bleh.

The dealers room was pretty much blah, but I did get my Gankutsuou artbook [YAY!!!!!] and a Howl's doujin that is pretty cute, so that was cool.

I had fun overall, but it wasn't so much because of the con as it was because of the company... I don't think I'll be going back to Metrocon next year. ::shrugs:: Still, yayness for the most part...

Have to get fluffymaru to drive me home tomorrow because I left my purse [and, therefore, my car keys] in alleywheeler's car. ;_; What a pain in the ass. At least I have spares, though, and won't be stuck in my house until I can get my purse back... or something. heh.

I think that's all I really wanted to say......
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