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Am almost done rereading Order of the Phoenix. [It seems I shall have time to reread Goblet of Fire before Half-Blood Prince comes out... I still feel silly for reading them backwards, but that's okay, maybe it'll turn out to be interesting or something.]

I have a lot of thoughts tumbling around in my head about some of the things that happened in OotP, but I want to save my post of thoughts until I've actually finished the book... sometime later today, probably, unless I don't feel like posting, whatever.

Buuut... a while back, barbed_whispers and I had this interesting email/IM conversation about pensieves... unfortunately, the IM portion is lost forever, but I've been rereading those emails, and I took notes on the scenes in OotP that involved a pensieve in anyway [why, yes, I am a geek, shut up] and I've got all these new thoughts and speculations about how it works and what exactly it does, etc... I need to reread at least parts of GoF before I'm ready to post anything definitive, but until then, I was wondering what thoughts anybody had on the subject? I'd really love to hear them. Anything at all that you want to add, or whatever...

Also, if anyone has any links to anything that might be useful [any meta posts about it, or even websites that talk about it, or anything, really...] I'd like to get the links from you.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. :)

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