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simplykatie: I'm thinking about you. Let me know how things go tomorrow, okay? Call me if you need to, my cell will be on and I'll be around. And I promise that this time, even if I am sleeping, I'll wake up to talk, okay? ::hug::


It makes me sad... I didn't enjoy Hot Gimmick this time the way I did some of the earlier volumes. Blah.
But that's okay... Red River and Kanata Kara are still really awesome. *_*

potterpuffs is like the cutest thing EVER. Well, with the possible exception of _hdcomic, but that hasn't been updated [despite the promise of coming back this summer, hmmph] and, also, PotterPuffs is not pairing or character specific. Heh.

Half-Blood Prince in less than a week. I'm a lot more excited now, after rereading OotP. I'm going to read some more of GoF before I go to bed tonight, though.. I want to be done rereading that before HBP comes out. [Even though it isn't as good as OotP... oh well.]

Laocoon's Children was updated today, and I still haven't read it. Clearly, I suck. But I need to go reread some of the previous chapters so I can remind myself what's going on... heh. [The website with Stealing Harry and everything is still down, but I'll take this opportunity to pimp sam_storyteller, because Sam is one of my favorite authors, ever. Seriously, he rocks, go read Stealing Harry now, if you haven't already. Go!]


I still think that FaceBook is a little bit silly, and I don't really get why everyone is so obsessed with it, but eh. It's okay, I guess. Buuut, if anyone is on FaceBook that I don't know about yet, let me know so I can go add you. Woot.

I'll be in Tampa on Tuesday. ::headdesk:: I hate that city. I hate it so much. But, hopefully all this shit with UT will finally be resolved and I can register for classes and have insurance and not have to visit Tampa again for a good long while.
Plus, my dad might get angry with people. It will be amusing to see, as it will not be me [for once]. Woot!

I think I'm done.
So! In conclusion, as my icon says... CONSTANT VIGILANCE! [haha, yeah.]
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